Plant favourite – Cissus antarctica or Kangaroo Vine

Cissus antarctica or Kangaroo Vine

This plant can be quite hardy but has a lovely lush damp look about it. It’s a nice example of a number of good things about gardening. Firstly it’s a climber, so you can explore some vertical spaces in your garden. It forms a dense screen so its pretty good for hiding a rough corner or an old bit of fence. The new growth is coppery colored and attractive in a Byron Bay sort of way. Secondly it’s a rainforest plant so it will do quite well in shady spots under a canopy of larger trees or even a building. Its not a plant for a very hot exposed or windy site. Thirdly it takes advantage of the seasons, lets face it its rarely dry all the time, in a wet winter or autumn it will grow pretty quickly and in dry times it will pull back and wait without needing watering. Its kind of a secret to gardening, work with nature and let your garden grow in its own time. I must remember to do that with my family too.

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