Plant favourite – Dianella Goddess

Dianella Goddess

The Dianella caerulea or Paroo Lilly is an attractive, robust strappy grass. The ‘Goddess’ variety has a neater form with lush emerald green straps, light green mid-stem and new growth, starry blue flowers and purple berries. The Goddess also has long lasting cut foliage for indoor decoration.

Growing up to 1 metre high and up to 60 centimeters wide the Goddess forms an excellent mid height screening plant, luxuriant bed filler or an attractive feature container plant. Once established it will do well on natural rainfall in all but arid conditions in full sun to light shade.

It’s claim to fame in our eyes is it’s toughness whilst looking good. It will tolerate harsh dry conditions, needs little maintenance and seems to enjoy the occasional savage cutting back. If the poisonous berries are a problem the plants can be easily trimmed once the flowers have bloomed.

This plant has been the backbone of our show gardens at savewater!® displays for nearly a decade now for it’s great form, ability to cope with tough conditions and luxuriant greenness.

Happy Gardening.

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