Drought tolerant plants

Drought tolerant plants - Lomandra Lime Divine

It should come as some relief to know there is a part of our life we may not be that confident about, but is actually pretty straightforward to get right. In a high tech, high stress world a successful garden seems out of reach, we don’t have the wisdom, the money and mostly the time. And yet, a link to the wonderful world of green plants, a link to earth, air and water in our own private space, isn’t that exactly what we need? Well here is a simple tip. There are some plants in this world that are just going to do well in most gardens. They will flourish in average soil, they will survive hot summers and cold winters and most importantly they will do just fine on normal rainfall. Rising water prices and future water restrictions will pass by unnoticed with these plants.

And how much would you expect to pay to get this advice? We suggest 30 minutes on the web and an hour or so at your local nursery. Below you can also watch a talk about drought tolerant plants, and lets face it if this guy can do it you aren’t going to be too challenged. Then check out the savewater!® Plant Library for plants and particularly our lists of good plants for different styles of garden to prompt your thinking. We know you need to know what it looks like so check the links for hundreds of images of your plant. Think about a corner of your ‘garden’ (big, small, balcony, courtyard) and make a short list. Take the list to a good local nursery and let them tell you about soil, frost, shade. You don’t need to work this out on your own. Autumn is a great time for planting.

Don’t forget to admire your lush foliage, do a little therapeutic maintenance from time and time and discover or rediscover why gardening is the number one hobby in Australia. If you get interested we can raise the bar a little the next time we chat.