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SmartGardenWatering gardens in Melbourne

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There are a few things we look for at the savewater!® Alliance. Water efficiency is a good start; good long term research is always valuable; and smart use of online engagement tools is pretty attractive, too.

The new program, SmartGardenWatering, is an interactive website that allows you to design ideal gardens based on local suburb soil and weather conditions and individual water use techniques. There is also a social networking aspect of the site, where users can compare and discuss gardens.

This last point is particularly interesting for online gardeners. The program allows you to load a detailed model of your garden, including plant species, and share it with the gardening community or your facebook friends. Alternatively you can trawl your local area to see what works for your neighbours who have chosen to share their gardens.


SmartGardenWatering front page

How much water does your garden really need?

The program combines horticulture and water management expertise from Geoff Connellan at the Department of Resource Management and Geography and Information Technology expertise from the Department of Information Systems at the University of Melbourne.

“Once a garden is designed, a scientific watering model creates a monthly watering schedule for the gardener that incorporates specific characteristics such as plant, soil and mulch types, local weather conditions and the type of watering technique used. The program will even tell you when your water tank will run dry based on your watering schedule” Mr Connellan said. “The model is based on a three year research project on the water needs of different plants and the efficiencies of different irrigation systems and the effect of soil type, mulch and slope on water use”

“This makes designing and maintaining a sustainable garden extremely easy.”

Dr Jon Pearce from the Department of Information Systems, who lead the design team, said that social networking is a great asset to home gardeners as they can now see what other gardeners are doing and also share information and experiences on smart water use.

“The program will not only help people save money on water bills and use water sustainably, but will also create a unique space where people can network and share ideas and thoughts about gardening.”

Heidi and Bob's garden in Richmond

A garden in Richmond really doesn't need that much watering at all.

The software has been designed for the Melbourne and Geelong areas but it is hard to imagine such a good idea wont be shared. Our colleagues at Melbourne University have agreed to let savewater!® host the site on the gardening page at


Have you got a garden on SmartGardenWatering? Let us know! Post a link in the comments below and we’ll ‘Like’ it on Facebook.

  • David T

    Great to see how much water you will need to use.  Plenty of plant species, soil and watering techniques to get a great estimate of how much water your garden needs. I even planned a garden which we’ve been planning to build, and we know how much water we are going to use before a plant is put in!  Totally recommend

  • David T

    Also fantastic competitions are held to win water saving products such as taps, tanks and even an ipad!