What do you want to see on the savewater!® Plant Library?

Green thumb or not, the savewater!® Plant Library has all the advice you need for choosing the best looking, low-maintenance, and weather tolerant plants. Don’t know what sort of plant you’re after? It does all the hard work for you and sorts them into lists for many styles of gardens, each with beautiful photographs and a wealth of information and tips for best results. So far there are lists for ‘backyard garden’, ‘cottage garden’, formal garden’, ‘Mediterranean garden’, ‘subtropical garden’, ‘native garden’, and ‘hardy garden’, with more to come!

savewater!® plant library

The plant selector recommends plants that have proved to be water efficient and very popular. We have selected approximately 250 plants that are attractive, robust and will grow in a wide range of conditions.

The plant library is an indicative list of water efficient plants that are likely to assist you as part of a broader approach to sustainable gardening. The selections are intended to provide an initial guide for your plant choices, generate discussion with your local nursery and lead you to further research on a number of more definitive websites which are referenced in the library.

savewater!® Plant list poll

Which plant list will savewater! release next? You decide!

Now savewater!® is inviting YOU to choose what sort of list you see on the library. Head to the savewater!® Facebook page to vote in the weekly poll and get your garden list up there.