Blizzards, droughts, or cyclones? Predicting this season’s weather

Ridgy, one of the Climate Dogs chasing meteorologists around the country

Ridgy, one of the ClimateDogs chasing meteorologists around the country

With record rainfall, drought, and high and low temperatures being experienced right across the country recently, who knows what to expect as Australians move into the colder part of the year? There have certainly been some extremes felt by many Australians, not to mention the biggest natural disasters in our history. Now that Winter is here and the weather begins to shift, how can you know what to expect in Australia for the next six months? The answer is in weather patterns.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and the Victorian Department of Primary Industries have produced some excellent videos about weather patterns, specifically El Nino and La Nina (which you’ve probably heard of), the Indian Ocean Dipole, Southern Annular Mode, and Sub-Tropical Ridge (which you probably haven’t).

The series of videos is called ClimateDogs and are worth checking out:

Get to know the ClimateDogs

So now that you know what La Nina and El Nino are, you can drop some dimes of knowledge to your friends about Indy, Sam, and Ridgy. For the scoop on what is predicted over the coming months, subscribe to the DPI’s newsletter, “The Break

  • Damon Vaughan

    What a fantastic (and very Australian) way of explaining the changes in weather patterns.

    • Isn’t it great? Really easy to understand too. Let’s hope ENSO behaves itself this year!

      • I agree – they are very easy to understand! Why couldn’t science be as straight-forward as this in school? I would’ve aced all my meteorology exams if they explained it to me in dog-terms…

  • What do dogs have to do with the weather?? Check out this vid…

  • Jayderosalie

    I love it. It is a wonderful resource to be able to explain weather phenomenon to students. A definite teachers tool.