Don’t throw out your old phone. Recycle it for free!

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Drop 'em off, or post 'em in now!

MobileMuster and Landcare Australia are aiming to collect and recycle 250,000 mobiles to provide up to 25 Landcare and Coastcare groups with grants worth $2,000 each. Enough to plant at least 25,000 seedlings around our precious coastline!

According to Mobile Muster, with over 19 million Australians living within 50 kilometres of the coast, and 19 million old and broken mobile phones lying in Australian homes unused, it seems that Aussies love the beach and holding onto their old mobiles!

The ‘Old phones, more trees’ campaign is now in its fifth year and is aiming to collect twice as many handsets then last year to give the environment a real boost.

Mobile Muster advice on what to recycle

Mobile Muster advice on what to recycle

Not only will Australia’s beaches and coastlines benefit from the campaign, we will also be keeping these mobiles out of landfill and recycling over 90 per cent of the materials in them.

For more information and to take advantage of Mobile Muster’s current Australia Post promotion to post your mobile phones, batteries, chargers, and accessories in for free, head to


What did you do with your last mobile phone? Recycle it? Give it to a family member? Lose it under your bed? Comment below!