Plant Favorite – Blue Hibiscus

Blue Hibiscus

This is a terrific plant species botanically known as Alyogyne huegelii. It is a native shrub of Western and South Australia and grows across southern Australia. It does well in poor conditions, full sun, and semi shade and best of all flowers in July to Summer.

The flowers can be a vibrant blue, mauve, or white, and are quite prolific.  In good conditions and once established the Blue Hibiscus will be two metres tall and two metres wide.

Pruning after flowering improves the plant habit and encourages repeat flowering. It seems to really enjoy coastal conditions and it certainly brightens up the bare winter garden.

By the way, the Hibiscus genus is in the Mallow family and has over 200 species, mainly tropical and sub tropical, most with trumpet shaped showy flowers that attract butterflies and bees.

Brilliant blue despite the rain

One species (hibiscus sabdariffa) is used for making tea from the flower petals as a delicious tonic and with reputed health benefits including lowering blood pressure.

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  • Anna

    Ours hasn’t stopped flowering since we got it – no apparent season, so have had continuous flowering all year. Grows fast, very attractive flowers also.