Spring Your Garden to Life

Flowers in the garden

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get down and dirty in the garden. There is no better time than the start of Spring to give your garden a much needed make over.

Just as you want to get your beach bod and a fresh hair cut for the summer months – your garden needs some love as well.

Here are some great tips and a detailed video of how to not only revamp your garden but ensure it is water efficient for the future as well.


The makeover starts now!

A water droplet sitting on a leaf

Here are some key points to address when revamping your garden:

The hardest part of redesigning the garden is deciding what must stay and what must go. Everyone has that one plant that never seems to grow and always looks as though it has been below deck for months on end. It’s time to be ruthless!

A great way to find some new, fantastic native and water efficient plants is to use a plant selector to help decide on plants suitable for your climate and garden needs.

  • Prepare a new overall design and layout.
  • Make sure it is designed to suit your needs, incorporating water efficient design in respect of current and future family needs.

Some compromises may need to be made to your preferred layout based on cost, the importance of saving valuable trees or shrubs, and decisions about existing features.

  • Effective and efficient watering – ensure any existing system is water efficient and know when to water for the best results.
  • Mulching – mulch the soils and garden beds to retain moisture and give optimum conditions for plant growth.

  • Develop water zones for planting – grouping plants with similar water needs together in zones having regard for the requirements of existing trees and shrubs.
  • Analyse then improve the soil to make it more water retentive

  • Assess the value of all the existing plants and features in the context of your preferred design and layout and whether they are suitable in a water efficient garden.
  • Maintenance practices- ensure good health of all your plants by mulching feeding, pruning, watering and weeding effectively.

If you have a spare 15 minutes and want to find out the best practise to create a water wise garden, let the Garden Gurus show you how.

Do you have any garden revamping tips? Started your spring clean in the garden early? Or just want to let me know what your favourite part of gardening is . . . . . please tell me!