Weekend Eco Warrior: Mosquito-proofing Your Tank

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What is a mosquito’s favourite sport? Skin-Diving! But seriously, mosquitoes in your rainwater tank is no joke. Even modern, well maintained rainwater tanks can get those little biters in there.

If you believe that there is something in the water, here are some helpful tips to mosquito proof your rainwater tank this weekend:

Mosquito Proof Screens

  • Tanks must have mosquito proof screens (no larger than 1mm aperture mesh) on all outlets, overflows and other openings. You can purchase this from your local hardware and it is very easy to install. All mosquito screening should be checked to ensure no signs of wear and tear.

Make Sure all Lids are Fitted Tightly

  • All lids, covers and inlet downpipes must be fitted tightly to ensure mosquitoes cannot enter the tank. You can purchase rain head products at your local hardware or online.

Inspect Your Tank Regularly

  • The water should be inspected at regular intervals throughout the year. If you are finding that it is dirty, has a strange odour or tastes ‘funny’ you should inspect your tank and consider treating the water with a product like Acquasafe.
Rain Head Leaf Eater

Protects from leaves and mosquitos

Look Beyond Your Tank

  • If mozzies are a pest around your home, look beyond the rainwater tank for common sources of open, pooled water and destroy potential breeding sites by tipping out accumulated water.

Maintain Your Tank

  • It is important that you make sure your rainwater tank is well looked after and it meets the standard for installation and maintenance handbook – which is the industry standard for the rainwater industry.

The Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia recommend that anyone with old, dated tanks should consider up grading to an improved modern tank or seek the advice of aregistered plumber or rainwater service professional to ascertain thehealth of their tank.

Do you have any mosquito jokes or tank tips? The best one wins . . . . a congratulatory message! Hope to hear from you.


  • Peterhaskins

    Tank tip: With in-ground leaf catchers, routinely clean these out every fortnight in summer and at least once a month in other seasons. Also check and clean them after larger rainfall events as ‘mud’ can be dislodged from the gutters and accumulate. Doing this will help keep your tankwater sweet and clear with a refreshing taste.