BBQ this weekend? Why not do it ‘green’?

BBQ this weekend? Why not do it green?

There is nothing better than a BBQ on a warm summer’s day with a cold refreshment and maybe a sneaky game of back yard cricket to try and tonk the in-laws over the back fence. However, how many of us actually think about the environmental impacts of our favourite pastime?

Here are some great tips for the environmentally conscious barbecue host to ensure it’s not only a hit for friends and relatives, but for Mother Nature as well.

Local Produce  

Local produce is not only helping your local economy but it is better for the environment with less travel time. The thousands of kilometres some foods travel soon add up to a large carbon footprint. Usually, smaller local suppliers are more likely to use sustainable practices. If not local, aim to purchase organic meat and vegetables or grow them yourself.

Green Cleaning

Leave the harmful chemicals in the cupboard (or at the shop!) and use an old fashioned approach that many of us may have forgotten about……. use a bit of elbow grease. Heat up the hot plate and use a wire brush with some soapy (organic of course) water or a splash of vinegar and get to work.

Strong arm with rubber glove and green sponge for cleaning

Just be careful to not let that elbow grease drip onto your steak!


Try and stick to re-usable utensils. You could even take your knives and forks from home and simply wash them up after the celebrations have finished. If you have to use disposable, do it wisely with biodegradable products.


I don’t know if it’s just me, but after a BBQ, there always seems to be a serious amount of mess, packaging, cans and plastic. Instead of throwing it all into a bag and into the rubbish bin yourself the next day, it’s a good idea to think ahead and let the hard work be done for you beforehand. Place designated bins close to the BBQ, clearly labelling the recycling bin, which will help encourage guests to do the right thing. Don’t forget re-usable containers are the most eco-friendly for left overs.

Organic Bevies

An eski full of cold drinks is essential on a hot day, however there are some greener options for your favourite beverages. If you plan to have a beer, why not try your hand at home-brew or purchase an organic brand. There are a number of organic wines on the market, which are not as expensive as you may think. For the kids, why not make some home-made lemonade or ice-tea to help cut down on not only the sugar content, but packaging as well.

If you love a BBQ and have some fantastic, ‘green’ tips, why don’t you help as make a difference by commenting below or on the savewater! Facebook page.