Encore Tissue blows away the competition

Large industrial sized tissue roll

Saving water? Sure, tissues have a huge ROLL to play.

Hey friends, continuing our quick look at the winners from last year’s national 2011 savewater! awards® , today we hope to inspire you with a great water saving initiative involving the humble tissue.

Tissue paper is not something that we often have a second thought about, never mind how it is manufactured. Did you know the papermaking process requires large quantities of water to produce an evenly formed sheet of paper?

Luckily, Encore Tissue (Aust) Pty Ltd has come up with a fantastic filtration system that allows for the water used in the manufacturing process to be recycled, ultimately saving hundreds of mega litres of water per annum.

Who is Encore Tissue?

Encore Tissue, founded in 1988, is a Melbourne-based manufacturer and supplier of toilet tissue, paper towels and out-of-home products to major supermarket groups and specialty retailers.

large industrial sized tissue rolls

Huge rolls, huge savings.

How did they save so much water?

The tissue papermaking process requires large quantities of water. The wastewater from the tissue making process contains small quantities of solids and fibre, which is unacceptable to produce an evenly formed sheet of paper.

Encore Tissue developed a solution to this problem in the form of the innovative, Kadant Petax Fine Filtration System, which comprehensively filters the wastewater that is then collected for re-use.

Mark Holckner and Hugo Rust

Encore Tissue’s Mark Holckner (left) with Hugo Rust

Thanks to this advanced filtration system, Encore Tissue’s water consumption has been reduced by approximately 50%, with savings in the vicinity of 166 megalitres per year.

What the judges said

‘Such innovations within the industrial sector are a welcome demonstration of how a ‘step change’ in thinking is often required to deliver the saving volumes necessary to claim significant reductions in costs, waste and water use’.

Do you know of any clever businesses that are saving water? Suggest them below and we will contact them about entering the national 2012 savewater! awards® and you never know, they could be the next winner.