Save the environment, win $1,000

Be recognised for your commitment to the environment

Be recognised for your commitment to the environment

Are you saving the planet in the face of rising population and increased cost of living?

Do you care about the environment and our water supply despite abundant rainfall and overflowing dams?

Tell us how you are using water efficiently and you could win $1,000 in the savewater! Awards Australian Achiever category.

The Australian Achiever category recognises an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the environment through initiative and leadership.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for Australians that have implemented water efficiency measures in their own lives and hopefully influenced others around them. We are looking for people that may have:

Last year’s winner

Last year, Peter Wilson from Warrnambool, Victoria took was awarded the savewater! awards® Australian Achiever prize after he created a roof water harvesting project that aims to capture water from household roofs that would otherwise be run-off.

Believed to be the first of its kind in Australia, the RWH system separates roof water from surface water run-off thanks to the installation of a separate roof water pipe network. Water is collected from each roof and transferred via a 4.4km network of pipes to Brierly Basin, where it is treated at the Warrnambool Water Treatment Plant and supplied to customers via the city’s reticulation system.

Peter’s initiative has already delivered great results. Roof water harvested from 11 test properties contributed 1.4 megalitres to Warrnambool’s water supply in the first 12 months of connection. With the project set to be expanded to 3,000 new homes in the area, Peter’s system has the potential to deliver up to an additional 450 megalitres of water annually into Brierly Basin.

Other inspirational winners

Other previous winners of the Australian Achiever (and the former Young Achiever/Individual Action/savewater!® champion) category are:

  • Janet Steele, a resident who made her own home water smart, saving 125,000L of mains water over 282 days of the year

  • Kim Thien Truong, a volunteer with Environment Victoria who successfully broke down the language barriers and cultural differences that stopped water-efficient messages reaching Melbourne’s large, growing Vietnamese community. As a result, 350 local Vietnamese people exchanged their showerheads for water-efficient models, saving up to 5.7 million litres of water each year in the shower alone and saving the community $35,000 per annum.
  • Michael Blewett, a resident who has made his entire home into a model of water conservation and estimates that he and wife, Jodie now save more than 570 litres of water per day – over one year, that’s the equivalent of four back yard swimming pools!
  • Bill Thomas, a teacher from Bentleigh Secondary College in Melbourne who implemented a number of water saving initiatives
  • Leon Harvey, a planner at Melbourne Water
  • Andrew Forster-Knight, an engineer from South East Water in Melbourne

Are you leading the way? You need to be recognised!

If you are leading the way in water-efficiency then you need to be rewarded and recognised.

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