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This year marked a decade of celebrating excellence in water-efficiency with the winners of the national 2012 savewater! awards® being announced at a gala ceremony during October.

From a meat processing facility in country NSW to a young back to back photographic superstar from Victoria – this year’s winners will not disappoint when it comes to both saving water and inspiring people to do so. Let’s take a look at some of the standouts.

2012 savewater! awards winners

The Standout – Winner Prime Minister’s Water Wise Award
The standout of the awards program this year was Everson’s Meat Processors who were named the winner of the Prime Minister’s Water Wise Award and the Large Business Category in the savewater! awards®.

The family owned and managed multi-species abattoir located in Frederickton reduced their potable water use by a staggering 94% – making them the most water-efficient abattoir of all Australian Meat Processor Corporation members. That’s finger licking good.

Photographic Superstar
Another standout of the night was Jessica Ricci who has won the senior photographic category two years running! A picture really does tell a thousand words with Jessica’s image, while she also wowed the audience with a passionate speech about taking care of the environment.

Promising future for senior school photographers!Helping and Saving – Community Groups Winner
Now for something different – a company that is not only saving water but helping communities as well. The EW Tipping Foundation is a not-for-profit community organisation that provides high quality support services to people with a disability, children, families and the aged across Victoria.

Their SustainAbility Stars Education and Awareness Program has seen water consumption decrease by 25% across 30 shared households – all of which is drinking water. The objective of the program is to educate and empower people with a disability and their support staff to reduce consumption and waste, as well as to promote awareness and participation in sustainable actions at home.

Local Nursery Blossoms – Small Business Winner
Water is essential for some businesses and Cameron’s Nursery certainly is a good example of that – no water, no plants it’s that simple. This is where they have one up on the competition; they are saving 80% of potable water use through their reduce and re-use policy – pretty clever! Not only that, they have cut down overall water use by over 36%.

The team from Cameron's Nursery

The man of the moment – Australian Achiever Winner
The Australian Achiever Award always turns up some great characters who are working hard to ensure we will have water for the future. Andrew Willsford fits that description perfectly and is the co-inventor of the Redwater Diverter, which is a low impact water-saving plumbing device that features patented energy-efficient technology – doesn’t make sense?? Me either! Well, basically the device retains any cool water left in the hot water line that would otherwise be lost down the drain, without the need for electricity or user intervention. This cool water can then be diverted into a tank for re-use. He has done heaps of other water-efficient stuff too.

Top of the Class – Education WinnerStudents from Emeral Primary School gather under a windmill
Emerald Primary School are A+ when it comes to water-efficiency and sustainability. As a result of the water awareness program, the school reduced water consumption by 71%. Emerald Primary installed a windmill that pumps harvested rainwater from rooftops to a header tank, which then gravity feeds it to almost every toilet in the school – they are not just full of hot air!

The Office of Hawkesbury-Nepean – Government Winner
The program comprised seven major projects, which saved an estimated 12,433 million litres of water per year. Nutrient input into the river system was also reduced by at least 77.1 tonnes per year (61.8 tonnes of nitrogen and 15.3 tonnes of phosphorus). The recovery program achuture catchment initiatives nation-wide.ieved a staggering, estimated 12,433 million litres per year of secured, unsecured and irrigator water savings, exceeding its objectives by 7.3 per cent. This program sets the standard for future catchment initiatives nation-wide.

AquaTrip up competition – Product Innovation Winner
Pardon the pun – but this product is no drip – it saved a whopping 17 megalitres of water in the first year of installation in a public park for the Gold Coast City Council. Basically, AquaTrip is fixed to property’s incoming mains water pipe to monitor the flow of water. It automatically shuts off the water supply in the event of a leak, burst pipe, running toilet or faulty plumbing fitting to prevent waste and damage.

Perth Glory for Water Corp – Water Utility WinnerWA Water Corporation receives the utilities award
In the face of climate change and long dry spells, Perth’s Water Corporation has been implementing water-efficiency initiatives. In particular, the development, funding and implementation of a series of integrated water-efficiency programs across the West Pilbara, East Pilbara, Kimberley, Great Southern and Perth Metro regions. One program involved one-on-one consultation with over 22,000 households. Water-efficient product retrofits for 8,500 households, irrigation audits for both residential and non-residential customers, consultation with mining/industrial customers, and data logger installation, analysis and advice for large water users were implemented.

Picture Perfect – Photographic Winners

Here are the junior and open winning entries into this year’s awards. Charlotte Watts took out the Junior Category awards with her entry ‘The Time is Now”. Charlotte won $1,000 for her school as well as a camera and ipod for herself.

The time is now image by Charli Watts from Port Fairy Primary School

‘The Time is Now” by Charli Watts – Port Fairy, Victoria

This year was the first time all international entries were named finalists. This winning image from Bangladesh was taken by Md Khalid Rayhan Shawon and titled ‘Rain – the source of drinking water’.

By Muhammed Khalid Rayhan Shawon - Dhaka, Bangladesh

By Muhammed Khalid Rayhan Shawon – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Visit the awards section of for full write ups on all of the 2012 winners and finalists.