Liquid lessons in learning

Studying at school

With students from across the country heading back to school this week (or some students heading to school for the very first time) there is certainly a mixture of tears and excitement in the air.

So how can you help your kids head back to school and make the most of this year as they settle into their new classes? We’ve hit the books to find out a whole lot about how important it is to stay hydrated, and what impact that has on brain function – which influences academic performance.

Research Psychologist, Dr Caroline Edmonds has a bucket load Human Brainof research on her UK based website about how staying hydrated affects both brain performance but also physical performance. One study included comparing students who take a water bottle into an exam room compared with those who don’t. That study showed that the students who took water into the exam room performed better.

If you are after some more reading, Ann and Nicole Grandjean have gathered a range of research in their article Dehydration and Cognitive Performance. The studies that they looked at showed that low levels of dehydration affected mental performance.

That said, you probably didn’t need an academic to tell you that you need to drink water  – you can tell when you’re thirsty right? But did you know that by the time you are thirsty you are already in the early stages of dehydration?

As we were developing the three pillars of the recently launched refillit movement, we thought it was crucial to include messages about hydrating the mind and body. We all need reminding every now and then to take a break and take a sip (I just reached for my bottle as I typed that). That’s the thought behind “refresh.”

Making sure students have a reusable drink bottle to take to class with them not only means they won’t have to leave the class to get a drink from the drink bubblers, but will mean they are more likely to remain hydrated and on track to being a star student.

What kind of reusable drink bottle do your kids take to school?