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Kids using e-books

Anyone over 20 years old visiting a school library these days will ask, “Where did all the books go?”

The technology and online revolution has without a doubt, changed the way we read and learn. New devices come out every year like the kindle, kobo and iPad.

Even 1 year olds are using iPads as they integrate sensory learning through touch, sight and sound, while iBooks 2, Apple’s native e-reader, is now an interactive home for textbooks.

So when we were looking at creating resources for early primary school students, we knew it had to be something that was interactive and fun. We partnered with our friends from the Faculty of Design at Swinburne University again to produce three e-books.

Developed in Unity Web Player, software that allows for greater interactivity, these e-books are sure to be a hit with both teachers and parents.

There are three e-books:

A world without water
Journey into Timmy’s dream where he meets a magical Seal who teaches him why it’s important to be water wise.

The mysterious case of the dripping taps
Join Sammy Savewater as he tries to solve the mysterious dripping and splashing noises around the house.

Caroline’s Bathtime
Caroline’s taking a bath! Find out how she likes to save her bath water.

To make it easy for you to get your kids into these great books we’ve put together this video.

At the moment, these e-books are only available on your computer, but stay tuned, we are working on some new e-books which we plan to make available on tablet devices.

Visit the e-books section of to start your water saving adventure now.

Which is your favourite e-book?

  • Lauren Poulton

    Looking forward to an iPad version