Housekeeping for the garden

Private Garden at Sunset

The weather is definitely warming up now and if you find you have more energy there are some very useful things to do, some of them are fun too.

Get ready for entertaining!

outdoor table setting

  • Check to see if the outdoor furniture needs fresh paint
  • Clean the BBQ, check the hose fittings, check the gas bottle
  • How about shade? Dust off the market umbrella, put up the shade cloth, mow under a shady tree

 Think about waterBlueScope WATERPOINT SLIMLINE®

  • Clean the gutters which are likely to overflow otherwise in intense summer storms
  • Mulch the vegetable garden to reduce evaporation and keep plant roots cool
  • Mulch the garden beds, another benefit is not having to weed
  • Check the rainwater tank fittings and the pump if you have one to make sure it is working properly and not leaking
  • Switch the irrigation controller if you have one over to a summer schedule

 Other Ideas

  • This could be good time to build a vegetable garden or put in a worm farm
  • Repair insect screens around the house before the mosquitoes and blowflies arrive
  • Net your fruit trees to keep your bountiful harvest – a loose net will kill fruit bats so keep it taut and use white rather than black netting

Websites we like – a treasure trove of well researched fact sheets – all things sustainable gardening with lovely photos – fantastic monthly web entries, wombat stories and great recipes