Water iPhone apps we could all use

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There seems to be an app for everything these days – water and environmental sustainability are no exceptions. Whether we want to do more ourselves or even show our friends how easy it can be, there countless apps to save money while living a more eco-friendly life.

In no particular order, here some of the most interesting and useful apps I have found and tried out.

Virtual Water

You’ve heVirtual Waterard of carbon footprints, but what about water footprints? The vast amount of water consumed and polluted in the making of products has an enormous impact on the ecological footprint of human civilization. For $1.99 Virtual Water makes us more conscious about how much water our everyday food and beverages really consume.

The Virtual Water app is fully interactive. Picking a product from the list takes you to its individual infographic. Swipe to navigate and compare products, flip to get quick facts on the current product, or get surprised with a random product by shaking your iPhone.

Water Print

Waterprint is a free app created by Water Efficiency magazine, to show how much water is imbedded beverages, foods, products and many daily activities. It’s much like Virtual Water, only free and includes a Waterprint calculator that quickly and easily tells you how much water it takes to grow a banana, manufacture a Tshirt, or brush your teeth.

My Water Diary

My WaMy Water Diaryter Diary helps you track your weekly water consumption so that you can reduce your use and save money. The average Australian uses over 200 litres of water per day, of which 5-10 litres are for basic survival, i.e. drinking and food preparation. The other 190 litres is discretionary and is used for washing (showers, dishes, clothes, toilets) and the garden.

My Water Diary helps you reduce your water consumption by tracking where you use most of your water and where you can make the biggest savings for yourself and the planet.

Drip Detective

Drip DetectiveThere are few things more annoying than a dripping tap or shower when we’re trying to go to sleep. But have you ever wondered how much more than sleep that dripping tap is costing you? Drip Detective will show you exactly how much water is being wasted and the cost associated with any water leak. Drip detective was designed to make it easy to determine your water costs whether your leak is a slow drip, or a constantly running stream of water.

Water Buddy – Water Usage Tracker

Everyone is talking about saving water and reducing personal consumption. Water Buddy helps you work toward a water usage target and keep track of it with a history of your water meter readings and whether you are keeping within your target.

Local government and water organisations sometimes set responsible usage targets for residential customers, or you may just want to save money. Whatever those goals, for $0.99, Water Buddy helps you meet those targets.

ABC Vegie Guide

For all gABC Veggie Guideardeners, the free ABC Vegie Guide app is fantastic in helping you find out what vegies should be planted when, no matter the climate zone you’re in.

In your ‘Patch’ you can keep a running record of notes about what’s going on in your garden. You can keep track of what you planted and when, take photos & make notes on progress and be prompted when your plants should be ready to harvest.

Water Storage

The BuWater Storagereau of Meteorology’s official Water Storage app, allows you to find how much water is available in Australia, your state, capital city and for individual storages. This app is incredibly comprehensive and up to date, showing current water levels by percentage or volume in megalitres and can be compared to current levels of previous years.

Drinking Water

We all know how important drinking water is but most of us can admit to not drinking enough water throughout the day. Having checked out a bunch of apps here are my top three to keep you hydrated and healthy. All are great apps with only slight differences and layouts:zzz

Daily Water – Water Reminder and Counter

Daily Water – Water Reminder and Counter has the highest reviews out of the apps with a well-designed alarm schedule. They also offer a free version with great reviews which would be a great way to test out whether you’re ready for an investment of $0.99 for the full version.


Watterlogged is a well-designed free starting tool with a high overall satisfaction. There are reports of being a bit unreliable on some devices but extremely easy to use otherwise.


iDrated is $0.99 with no free version but extremely good looking app with good interactivity. Minor complaints range from it being a bit too basic and lacking some features, to wishing the models had clothes on.


It’s incredible how simple but effective all these apps are. I’ll be working on a post for all the Android users out there but I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these apps and especially other apps you may have heard of or tried.