Winners of the International 2013 savewater!® Photographic Competition


This year the savewater!® Photographic Competition has seen the most entries ever – over 3,700 entries from more than 90 countries around the world. These entries show that valuing water is something that crosses the boundaries of nations, tribes and languages – photography has been a great way to capture that.

There were a lot of high calibre entries in the competition which meant the judges had a hard time picking the finalists and winners. We thank all of the entrants who took the time to take a picture and submit it into the competition. Here are the winning and runner up images for 2013:

Open Category

Winner: “In search of precious water” by Kumar Bishwajit (Bangladesh)

sun setting over a scorched earth as silhouettes search for water

Runner up: “Life on the polluted water” by Md Rafayat Haque Khan (Bangladesh)

Boy in a boat with jugs of water on a polluted waterway

Secondary Student Category

Winner: “Think about them before spending water” by Ashwin Ramachandran (Al Manhal, Bahrain)

Black and white image of a boy reaching to get a drop of water from a tap

Runner up: “We will not let it come to this” by Catherine Murphy (Kardinia International College, Australia)

Cupped hands holding water with a reflection of what the world would look like without water

Junior Student Category

Winner: “Nourishment” by Maya Guru (The Altamont School, USA)

Hands with water over cracked earth

Runner up: “No hope left” by Danny Costello (Australia)

A dry lake with thousands of dead fish

Peoples Choice

Winner: “Save the water” by Huynh Thu (Vietnam)

filling up a bottle from a tap

Runner up: “The first lesson” by Dong Nguyen (Vietnam)

An elderly man pouring water into the hands of children over a plant

What do you think of this year’s winning and runner up photographs? Share your thoughts below.

  • sagat

    Very good entries i must say. i will improve me entry for next time

    • We look forward to seeing your entry in next years competition, all the best!

  • Leni