Recycle your butt

cigarette butts

You may have already heard in the news today that there is a new recycling scheme for cigarettes butt what does that have to do with water?

In short, a lot! Cigarette’s are by far the most common form of litter in Australia, making up for 11% of the rubbish that was picked up during Clean Up Australia Day in 2013. In the ACT alone, the amount of cigarette butts collected was 13% more than the previous year. This is a growing problem!

When cigarette butts are left oncigarette butts on the beach footpaths or roads, rain falls on these hard surfaces, washing the litter into the storm water system,  and winding up in our streams, rivers and eventually the ocean where they will wind up on our pristine beaches. We know smoking does damage to our own bodies; in the same way, the chemicals from cigarette butts affect our marine life, while the filters are made from plastic so they don’t just break down.

The good news is with Clean Up Australia Day on this Sunday, March 2, you can easily get involved and reduce the amount of cigarettes already in the environment.

If you are a smoker, the new recycling scheme gives you an easy way to recycle those butts! Australia Post, in partnership with TerraCycle, a business that specialises in recycling and upcycling waste into new products. You can find out more about how you can send in your old cigarette butts for recycling on TerraCycle’s website…and the best news is, it’s free.

Check out these easy instructions…

If simple and easy is not enough, for every kilogram of cigarette waste that TerraCycle receives, $2.00 will be donated to the your nominated charity. You don’t even have to be a smoker, you can become a brigade member, collect the rubbish and send it in. So go on, get involved and kick some butt for the environment and our waterways!