World Water Day 2014: Water and Energy

Man holding a hose and woman holding a bucket with wind turbine in the background

Now in it’s 20th year, World Water Day is focussing on Energy and Water in 2014. Simply providing water requires significant amounts of energy, while energy production often requires large amounts of water, and that’s only the beginning of the relationship. The World Bank has put together the following infographic on the links between energy and water production.

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Even in your household heating water is one of the highest energy users. With growing populations around the world, there is plenty that you can do at home to alleviate the increasing stress on our energy and water resources – think particularly about areas related to heated water to begin with.

  • Install a water efficient showerhead and have shorter showers
  • Install a solar hot water system
  • Upgrade to a water and energy efficient washing machine and wash with cold water where possible

– check out to see other areas where you can save energy and water in your home.

The following animation brings in a third element – food, advocating that food, water and energy can no longer be looked at seperately.

World Water Day this year is on March 22. For more information World Water Day 2014 logoyou can visit the World Water Day website.