National Water Week 2014

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This week is National Water Week 2014! National Water Week is an annual celebration of water in Australia which occurs in the third week of October.

National Water Week was first held in 1993. The initiative is designed to help members of the community of all ages and walks of life to understand and take action to protect and conserve our precious water resources and habitats. During National Water Week Australians are encouraged to Protect, Conserve and Get Involved in water resource management.

Water Sources

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The theme for National Water Week 2014 is ‘Water sources: there are more than you think.’ In line with that theme, we’ve put together a series of blog posts that look at the range of water sources that are available for different purposes.

Get involved

Other than just reading up on water, there are some fantastic ways that you can join in the events this National Water Week. Water providers across the country run programs throughout the week. Take a look at what’s happening across Australia.

Every year, a number of water authorities join together to promote the Water Week Poster Competition. Make sure you check out the winners on the VicWater website.

We also have a range of online activities on the savewater!® website:

How are you celebrating National Water Week?

  • Cartoonmick

    Water sources are precious but most will tend to diminish with our changing climate and subsequent droughts.
    Whatever action is taken to halt the droughts, it will take many years before it becomes effective.

    In the meantime we will have many years of water restrictions.

    So, as well as sources, we must also consider usage, with water conservation and waste prevention becoming a major feature of our daily lives.

    A cartoon to illustrate where this may lead us to . . . .



    • Thanks for that Mick, great thoughts – we definitely need an integrated approach to water which includes saving water as well as using the right water source for the right job! We love the cartoon, is that yours? Would you mind if we used it in an upcoming blog post?