Spring Wildflowers


Spring is such a great time of the year to get out into the bush and explore, especially with the range of bright coloured wildflowers in bloom at the moment. The Aussie bush is also a great place to get some inspiration for your own garden.

Native wildflowers not only survive without additional watering, but they also create a wonderful habitat for native birdlife so your ears can enjoy their song, while your eyes take in the beautiful colours.

Here are some wildflowers that are in bloom at the moment in Victoria’s North East. These shots taken around Mt Beauty in the Kiewa Valley.

Hop Bitter Pea

Daviesia Latifolia 
Hop Bitter Pea in flower

Australian Indigo

Indigofera Australis
Australian Indigo in flower

Nodding Orchid

Pterostylis Nutans
Nodding Orchid flower

Black Eyed Susan

Tetratheca Ciliata
Black Eyed Susan in flower

There are some other native plants on the savewater!® plant selector that you might also want to check out for your garden:

As always, make sure you ask your local nursery about what plants will work best in your area.

What plants are flowering in your garden at the moment?