Calculating your home water usage

Interactive house outside
This online interactive calculator estimates metered water consumption for single residential houses based on your answers to questions regarding water use in and around the home.

Why do we need the Interactive House and Garden?

Do you know how much water you use around your home? If your answer is no, you are not alone! The savewater!® Alliance has found many people have difficulties understanding how they use water. It can be difficult to appreciate how much water different appliances and rooms in the house use and also what the impact will be if you change your behaviour or appliances.

In addition, while there is world class quality data collected by the water utilities on how Australians use water, it is difficult to interpret the tables and data and apply it to your own home.

What does the Interactive House and Garden do?

The interactive software takes you through a series of short questions based on your water use behaviour and appliances in different rooms of the house. It should take less than five minutes to complete for all the rooms of your house.

Interactive house bathroom

The software uses high quality data to predict your water use based on your responses and a series of assumptions about your water use designed to provide a meaningful result without taking an hour to input detailed data.

Additionally rather than waiting until you have responded to all the questions or even filled out an entire section the Interactive House and Garden provides visual feedback as soon as you start providing responses. If you’re strapped for time, you can focus on just the area of the house that you’re interested in and go straight to the report.

All of your responses are compared to the average water use for your region providing practical feedback about how water efficient your house is.

Most interestingly the Interactive House and Garden is a simple modelling tool. It is extremely simple to change a response, for example how many minutes you spend on average in the shower, or if you have a front loading or top loading washing machine, and see how this affects your water use in the bathroom or the laundry, and for the whole house.

Interactive house results

Based on your responses the Interactive House and Garden provides a summary report and a series of prompts to suggest efficient behaviour and appliances in your home.

The most sophisticated part of the Interactive House and Garden is the garden section, which uses flow rate data to build a ‘ground up’ picture of your water use based on a wide range of different irrigation options including hoses, drippers, different kinds of sprinklers and sprays. Simple definitions are provided to guide your answers.

The software is designed for IE8 or later functionality and will work across Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well as iPhone, iPads and tablets.

Where can I see the Interactive House and Garden?

The most recent example of the interactive house developed by the Alliance was for TasWater, the Tasmanian Water Retailer. Visit to calculate your home water use.

There are also interactive houses available for Alice Springs and Darwin.

How does your home compare?