That rainwater tank is worth more than a new car

We have always thought that having a rainwater tank is a good investment and now research from Perth estimates there is a premium of up to $18,000 built into the sales price of houses with tanks installed. You can buy a new Honda Jazz for that!

The article is interesting in that it estimates the premium is greater than the value of the water saved. We would debate that but either way it is a good take home number.

The research also wonders if this figure means we should reconsider rainwater tank rebates. If the homeowner can realise a return of nearly $20,000 when they sell their house do they need a government subsidy on installation?

This raises a bigger question for us. Many of the benefits of rainwater harvesting occur at a neighbourhood and regional level. Rainwater harvesting increases water security, reduces operating costs for water authorities and reduces the costs of managing and treating stormwater. Does this mean that private homeowners are subsidising community costs? Are local, state and federal governments enjoying a free ride? What do you think?

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Car image by M 93 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0]