Sustainable Buildings Breakfast Event in Melbourne

A residential building with two corrugated iron water tanks

The RHAA is running a series of breakfasts in capital cities to build support for a Sustainable Buildings campaign with the rainwater tank industry and wider stakeholders. The next one is at Zinc at Federation Square, Melbourne on 28 August.

The RHAA is campaigning for water and energy saving targets for new and renovated buildings in Australia. Not only is this an important way to incrementally upgrade all of our building stock it also represents billions of dollars in water and energy utility capital and operational cost savings over the next 50 years.

We are delighted to announce the collaboration of Stormwater Australia in our upcoming Melbourne breakfast and some important positive messages for the water industry as a whole.

Independent economic research by Dr Peter Coombes in SEQ and Melbourne has shown alternative approaches to water, including water efficient appliances, better use of stormwater and rainwater harvesting has a major impact on operational costs for water utilities. The importance of long term operational costs may have been overlooked by both water utilities and the regulators in economic forecasting.

Andrew Allan, Stormwater Australia National President, will be speaking of the multiple benefits of rainwater harvesting and stormwater management and how regulators and utilities are assessing these benefits.

Russell Beatty, Principal Engineer and Economist Jacobs Australia will remind us of the success of the NSW BASIX program in delivering one of the strongest sustainability planning measures in the country for 10 years and how it has proved itself in delivering sustainable buildings.

It is going to be an important discussion for water management and building management in Australia. Ticket details are available at