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Bush Tank Stand

Bush Tank Stand

Back in the day…. we all maintained our water tanks beautifully and whittled our own furniture in the long summer evenings. In the modern world however we sometimes need a hand making sure we are getting the best from our rainwater harvesting systems.

Lets be clear, most rainwater harvesting systems only need periodic minor maintenance by the owner, with no special equipment required. One of the great features of this technology is that it is easy to manage and highly productive.

From time to time however things can go wrong, pumps stop, rain water goes dark or it just doesnt come out of the tap. So if you are too busy or not sure what to do, where do you go? We recently spoke to  Jim Steel from Water Tactics in the Riverbend Cafe, Bulimba and Owen O’Rourke from the Water Tank Cleaning Company over the phone.

We think these guys are providing a valuable service, their services will fix nearly every aspect of rainwater harvesting we could think of

  • help with design and installation (which means you will probably never see him again)
  • maintenance and tank cleaning
  • pump problems
  • cloudy/smelly water
  • filtration

We also like the Water Tactics philosophy –

Rainwater matters because it is the most accessible of essential resources through which a majority of people are able to participate in the practice of sustainable living.

Do you have someone who supplies these kind of services in your local area? The RHAA would like to hear from you!

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