Rainwater Harvesting Design Specification

tank tapThis is a joint project between Urban Water Cycle Solutions and the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia to promote effective rainwater harvesting in the community. The design specification is for an above ground rainwater tank providing indoor and outdoor rainwater to a residential home.

The objective of the project is the best outcome for the householder, the Design Specification does not reference specific products or brands. The Specification is evidence based and relies on independent national observations and research carried out over several decades.  A well-designed Rainwater Harvesting system will generally provide good quality water and only need limited maintenance and replacement.

The Design Specification is in two parts, a diagram of a rainwater harvesting system cross-referenced with an explanatory plain-english User Guide.The Design Specification considers the three related areas of rainwater harvesting as the roof, the tank and the pump.

The Design specification will act as a tool telling builders and plumbers what to install, how the Rainwater Harvesting system operates and how to manage it and how to tell if there is a problem and what to do about it. The intent is to link key points from the Specification to related evidence and the specification includes a detailed bibliography.

The Design Specification has been drafted and a published version will be launched at the RHAA Breakfast in Melbourne on 4th May.