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Rainwater Harvesting Australia – a chartered committee of Irrigation Australia

Greetings to our rainwater harvesting members and friends of rainwater harvesting. The Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia (RHAA) has joined with Irrigation Australia to form a chartered committee of Irrigation Australia called Rainwater Harvesting Australia.

Rainwater Harvesting Position Paper

young lady hugging corrugated iron water tankThe Association has documented a Position Paper that highlights the triple benefit of rainwater harvesting: • Rainwater harvesting reduces the costs of water infrastructure across the urban system • Rainwater harvesting water-efficient appliances reduce household expenditure on water • Rainwater harvesting reduces stormwater management costs. The Position Paper outlines how significant rainwater harvesting is in Australia, how rainwater harvesting works and what the future holds. The Position Paper concludes there is no doubt rainwater harvesting will be a major water policy issue in Australia in the 21st century.

Water and Energy in Adelaide

The Association is looking forward to our next breakfast event in Adelaide on 26 October 2017. The Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation, Hon Ian Hunter MLC will once again join us, attendees of the last event will recall he is an enthusiastic rainwater harvesting user.

Cynthia Barnett – The Broken Rain Machine and the Rain City

  I recently read some lyrical descriptions of rain in a book by Cynthia Barnett called “Rain, A Natural and Cultural History. The book is a good read and covers a lot of rainy, and very dry, ground. I was struck by one issue in particular.

The Greater Melbourne Alternative Water Plan

The RHAA is pleased to present this blog authored by Urban Water Cycle Solutions and Thirsty Country. Building design can fundamentally change how Melbourne households use water and how urban water is provided.

Rainwater Harvesting Design Specification

This is a joint project between Urban Water Cycle Solutions and the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia to promote effective rainwater harvesting in the community. The design specification is for an above ground rainwater tank providing indoor and outdoor rainwater to a residential home.

The new economy of rainwater harvesting, stormwater management vs traditional water management

two storey house with rainwater tanks  Water Sensitive SA and the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia held a thought-provoking seminar in the Adelaide Town hall on 15 December with a keynote address by Professor PJ Coombes. The discussion brought together the elements of economics, rainwater harvesting and stormwater management and potentially leading edge Australian integrated water policy.

Christmas 2016 Chairperson Address

At the Sydney RHAA break up event our new Chairperson, Stuart Heldon of Kingspan Environmental reported on a productive year including the following highlights.

Rainwater Harvesting and 21st Century Business

development illustrationThe largest master planned community housing project in Australia is starting to roll out in South East Queensland and every building has rainwater harvesting. The sell out crowd hung onto every word as Mark Stephens from the Stockland Aura development talked about the Stockland philosophy and the key role of integrated water management in this sensitive landscape.

Rainwater Harvesting Myths

Rainfall during the millenium drought in BrisbaneThere are a series of myths about rainwater harvesting that do the rounds and get recycled every couple of years. We thought it might save time if we listed them here and provided  a response.