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Earth Day 2013

Gaia ShineHappy Earth Day 2013! This year Earth Day‘s official theme is Climate Change, The Earth Day Network is aiming to bring awareness to the very real effects climate change is having on people around the world through a visually powerful campaign called The faces of Climate Change. The campaign encourages

Movies, popcorn…environment? pt. 2

FilmI’d like to start by thanking you for returning for part 2 of ‘movies, popcorn…environment?’ As I’ve discovered from people’s various responses to part 1, writing about and ranking movies is a lonely life. No matter what you put into your top 5 films, someone will always disagree, become vocal about it and quickly develop a

Movies, popcorn…environment?

couple in a cinemaPopcorn? Check. Movie? Check. Environmental message? Check! Having just watched Dr Seuss’ latest book to film adaptation ‘The Lorax’, a family friendly animated film that heavily preaches the importance of protecting the environment before it’s too late, inspiration for a blog post came crashing down on me like the