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The changing role of Water in Australian Cities

The City of Melbourne have recently released a webpage and videos entitled ‘Urban Water – discover how water creates a liveable city’ which demonstrates the good work Melbourne is doing in this field. Over the last 20 years, and particularly in the last two or three years a new role and way of thinking about water in our cities has emerged. There is now a great deal of research and action on the role of water in supporting urban green spaces, the pleasure that people experience from activities along local waterways and keeping and using that stormwater that previously we were trying to get rid of as quickly as possible. The keyword everyone is using is ‘liveability’, looking at how water makes our cities more ‘liveable’. Liveable seems to mean more pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable, more sustainable and healthier.

More houses, less water?

BASIX five year outcomes summaryWe are going to need a lot of houses in Australia. About 4 million new households are projected by 2036, a 50% increase from 2011. (ABS, 2015).   These houses will need additional infrastructure for electricity and especially water. How do we manage this? It is an important question because the millennium drought demonstrated finding more supply is expensive. Water and sewerage bills rose by 38% from 2005 to 2014. (BOM, 2015).

Welcome from the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia

young lady hugging corrugated iron water tankThe Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia (RHAA) is delighted to continue the Ripple Effect blog and continue a conservation about sustainable practices and sustainable water use in this dry country.

Recycling – How Hard Could It Be?

Trash Recycling with Disposal ContainersGrowing up in Botswana, we never had recycling and I found myself a little behind on recycling when I first arrived in Australia. With National Recycling Week being held from 11-17 November, I have been exploring their great free resources for homes, schools, and workplaces, all promoting recycling and highlighting its many benefits.

Reading between the pixels

Anyone over 20 years old visiting a school library these days will ask, “Where did all the books go?” The technology and online revolution has without a doubt, changed the way we read and learn. New devices come out every year like the kindle, kobo and iPad.

Liquid lessons in learning

Studying at schoolWith students from across the country heading back to school this week (or some students heading to school for the very first time) there is certainly a mixture of tears and excitement in the air. So how can you help your kids head back to school and make the most of this year as they settle into their new classes?

Emerald Primary wins $1,000 for its commitment to sustainability – could your school be next?

Emerald Primary School has struck gold, becoming the first school in Yarra Valley Water’s service area to win $1,000 for downloading savewater! online Educational Resources for teachers.