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Rainwater Harvesting System Maintenance – Pumps

Mains Switching SystemThe second in our series of maintenance articles for rainwater harvesting systems is on pumps. Pumps are one of the expensive and vulnerable elements of the rain harvesting system. It is worth getting a good one and installing it properly. We had a coffee with Mike Thompson, from Claytech, who took us through some things to think about.

Calculating your home water usage

Interactive house outsideThis online interactive calculator estimates metered water consumption for single residential houses based on your answers to questions regarding water use in and around the home. Why do we need the Interactive House and Garden? Do you know how much water you use around your home? If your answer is no,

Water iPhone apps we could all use

There seems to be an app for everything these days – water and environmental sustainability are no exceptions. Whether we want to do more ourselves or even show our friends how easy it can be, there countless apps to save money while living a more eco-friendly life. In no particular order, here some of the most interesting and

Reading between the pixels

Anyone over 20 years old visiting a school library these days will ask, “Where did all the books go?” The technology and online revolution has without a doubt, changed the way we read and learn. New devices come out every year like the kindle, kobo and iPad.

Liquid lessons in learning

Studying at schoolWith students from across the country heading back to school this week (or some students heading to school for the very first time) there is certainly a mixture of tears and excitement in the air. So how can you help your kids head back to school and make the most of this year as they settle into their new classes?

Emerald Primary wins $1,000 for its commitment to sustainability – could your school be next?

Emerald Primary School has struck gold, becoming the first school in Yarra Valley Water’s service area to win $1,000 for downloading savewater! online Educational Resources for teachers.

Hampton PS wins $2000 – Your school could be next!

Hampton Public School is the winner of the $2,000 promotion associated with the launch of savewater!®‘s online educational resources. The money will significantly help fund improvements to the small school of two teachers and twenty-six students. The educational resources are still available so it’s not too late for  teachers to get their students involved and go into the draw for a chance to win $2,000 for your school.