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There’s now a lot more clarity around refillit

man with refillitYou’ve probably heard about the refillit movement by now – that it is a movement that aims to help you: reduce your impact on the environment refresh your mind and body; and provide relief for our world’s poorest communities …but there’s even more clarity around refillit with the release of our new look website

Waste not, want not

Plastics in landfillThis week I started back at University. One day as I was sitting down munching on my lunch purchased from a certain sandwich chain, my eyes fell upon the plastic bag and paper wrapping the sandwich had come in. These two items, although small and fairly insignificant, were only going to be used

An Elephant Getaway

Rumruay the elephantAcross Asia, there are less than 33,000 elephants remaining in the wild. Since the logging ban in Thailand in the 1980’s, elephants and their mahouts, or keeper, have had to struggle to survive. An elephant is expensive to feed (it costs over 600 baht a day to feed an elephant) and to care for, and if they are unable to make any money an elephant can become a financial burden on the mahout and his or her family.

Movies, popcorn…environment? pt. 2

FilmI’d like to start by thanking you for returning for part 2 of ‘movies, popcorn…environment?’ As I’ve discovered from people’s various responses to part 1, writing about and ranking movies is a lonely life. No matter what you put into your top 5 films, someone will always disagree, become vocal about it and quickly develop a

Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

savewater! awardsNational Water Week 2012 is set to reach its peak tonight in Melbourne with the Australian Water Industry gathering for the national 2012 savewater! awards®. This evening’s celebration of sustainable water use marks the tenth year since the awards program first began back in 2002. What a long way they have come!

National Water Week 2012; Valuing Our Water

These photographers capture water the best‘Scarcity of Hygienic Drinking Water in Dhaka city’ from entrant Ismail Ferdous National Water Week swings around every year in the third week of October. This year is set to be a ripper with plenty of activities being run by water providers and other organisations right across the country.

Promising futures for senior school photographic finalists

Promising future for senior school photographers!The finalists have been announced for the 2012 savewater! awards photographic competition Senior category (13 – 17 years old). This award is designed to recognise creative talent by capturing water conservation imagery as the key focus. Always an exciting category, check out the great work from the budding photographers…

Shedding light on the environmental benefits of LEDs

At Rio+20 held in June, The Clean Revolution launched a campaign to tackle energy consumption and emissions caused by lighting.  Globally, lighting accounts for approximately 20% of electricity consumption which leaves a lot of room for improvement. LED (light-emitting diode) lighting can have a huge impact on reducing energy bills over time, but at the moment the upfront cost deters most. Take a look at this neat infographic for an insight into how The Clean Revolution hopes to change the world’s lighting:

Save the environment, win $1,000

Save the environment, win $1,000Are you saving the planet in the face of rising population and increased cost of living? Do you care about the environment and our water supply despite abundant rainfall and overflowing dams? Tell us how you are using water efficiently and you could win $1,000 in the savewater! Awards Australian Achiever category.

Using the rain to keep a raingarden

A raingarden built by the side of the road.With all of this rain falling from the sky, wouldn’t it be a great idea to harness what nature is providing us for the garden rather than relying on drinking water?