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Melbourne couple make the most of rainwater

Roses in Carol's gardenIt was a warm day in early November when I drove out to one of Melbourne’s North Eastern suburbs to meet Carol and her partner, Peter. Carol is a budding artist, while Peter is a musical genius on the piano, but the reason I was there can be found in their garden. Carol and Peter had kindly offered to show me their rainwater tanks.

Spring Wildflowers

Spring is such a great time of the year to get out into the bush and explore, especially with the range of bright coloured wildflowers in bloom at the moment. The Aussie bush is also a great place to get some inspiration for your own garden. Native wildflowers not only survive without additional watering,

Water Sources: Storm Water

storm drainNow that we have taken a look at rainwater in our water sources series, it’s a good time for us to turn to storm water. What is storm water? Storm water and rainwater are terms that are often used interchangeably, however, when talking about water sources rainwater usually refers to water that falls on roofs

Matt Damon’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a Twist

Matt Damon wearing a toilet seatThe ALS Ice bucket challenge has taken the world by storm with celebrities and even the Simpsons have taken part to raise money for charity. While all are entertaining, not all are the same. Find out why Matt Damon uses water from the toilet?


white and yellow frangipani flowersThis iconic tropical small flowering tree is tough and adaptable with lovely cream to red flowers and glossy green leaves. It likes full sun and good drainage and is widespread across Australia down to Sydney. I have owned one in Melbourne in a sheltered position enjoying the heat of a north facing wall. The deciduous habit


CompostEvery gardener knows that compost is good for your plants but did you know that over 40% (ABS) of solid waste in landfill in Australia could have been composted? Or that using compost is actually water efficient? If you answered no, that’s ok because this week is International Compost Awareness Week which gives you a great opportunity

High Tech Garden Watering – Dripline micro-irrigation

drip irrigationThe last decade has seen innovative irrigation technological development. Initially developed and tested in a commercial irrigation environment this technology is now being applied to residential gardens. A recent Australian publication ‘Water Use Efficiency for Irrigated Turf and Landscape’ (Connellan 2013) is an important resource

Healthy Green Living at the Garden Show

Healthy Green Living site at the garden showThe mornings are getting cooler in Melbourne, the leaves are starting to change colours and it’s a beautiful time of year to enjoy some of the City’s parks. The Carlton Gardens are a beautiful place to go at the best of times, but in March they undergo a spectacular transformation for The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Watering Roses

I discovered roses as a young man, clutching a bouquet on my way to visit a young lady. The scent and beauty of the flowers made an impression on me and ever since I have been fond of roses and their place in a good garden. The millennium drought changed a lot of things about our gardens and one of them was the behavior of the roses.

Feature Product: Landscape Tanks

We all want to do the right thing and often have the best intentions to be water wise. Unfortunately there are often barriers in the way, pushing us back to our old easy habbits. Rainwater tanks can be a great way to save water with 26% of Australians using them as a source of water (Australian Bureau of Statistics), yet many still avoid