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High Tech Garden Watering – Sprinklers and Sprays

The last decade has seen innovative irrigation technological development. Initially developed and tested in a commercial environment this technology is now being applied to residential gardens. A recent Australian publication ‘Water Use Efficiency for Irrigated Turf and Landscape’ (Connellan 2013) is an important resource

Where the Buffalo roam

Recently we wrote about Warm Season Grasses, using 30% less water than traditional Cool Season grasses. Using a more efficient photosynthesis process these grasses are green in temperate summers and require much less water to survive the drier months. One of the popular varieties is Buffalo Grass. There is wealth

The Smart Lawn – Warm Season Grasses

Our understanding of lawns has become more complicated in the last 30 years. A green lawn has long been considered a desirable landscape. Then David Holmgren of permaculture fame pointed out that lawns are about the most resource intensive and least productive feature of our mighty garden suburbs. The millennium

Growing food plants – Watering Wisely

Zuchinni PlantFood plants usually need quite a lot of water, they are generally shallow rooted and they need water to be productive. You can still have a water efficient garden using any of the following techniques. Hand watering works well with a few simple rules, don’t use thick or heavy mulch,

Making a home for backyard critters, butterflies, frogs, birds and lizards

Green FrogPesticides and fertilisers upset the natural balance and kill both insects and the animals that feed on them. Birds, lizards and frogs will deal with most pest insects on their own and if you use herbicides you will kill them and often any creatures that live in water including fish and tadpoles.

Enjoying Summer in the Garden

garden in the SpringHot, lazy days are just around the corner. We will be taking cool drinks on the veranda because a good gardener gets ready for summer in Spring and then retires to the shade. Here are half a dozen hot tips so your garden stays cool. Get the right plants. Many wonderful plants are tough as nails and will not need any assistance.

Late Autumn, early Winter in the garden and Chinese Chicken

I think late autumn and early winter is truly is one of my favourite times of the year. I love the beautiful display nature puts on for us to admire and I love the crispness as the summer heat subsides. My favourite F’s are at the market – figs and fennel – fantastic! Even though it is getting cooler, there is still so much you can do in

Gardening in the Desert

Sturt's Desert PeaIt’s 40 degrees in Alice Springs with bright blue skies. It is raining in parts of  northern Australia  but Alice doesn’t get rain every year and with high temperatures and low humidity anything damp is oven baked pretty fast. Clothes dry on the line in the time it takes to have a meal. How do you garden in the desert? I was wondering how plants survive at all but there are

Christmas Gardening

Christmas is almost here, a time of giving and receiving, a time of spirit and for most of us a time of coming together and sharing. All of these themes come to life, it seems to me, in a community garden. Community gardens are used by volunteer groups in the community with permission from the owners

Summer Gardening

Child in raingardenSummer takes us outside into the elements, hot sunshine, the first swim and the busiest time for the garden. The vegetable garden has mostly realised the potential of Spring, fruit trees are weighed down, the lawn needs mowing and water has become precious again.