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The Greater Melbourne Alternative Water Plan

The RHAA is pleased to present this blog authored by Urban Water Cycle Solutions and Thirsty Country. Building design can fundamentally change how Melbourne households use water and how urban water is provided.

The changing role of Water in Australian Cities

The City of Melbourne have recently released a webpage and videos entitled ‘Urban Water – discover how water creates a liveable city’ which demonstrates the good work Melbourne is doing in this field. Over the last 20 years, and particularly in the last two or three years a new role and way of thinking about water in our cities has emerged. There is now a great deal of research and action on the role of water in supporting urban green spaces, the pleasure that people experience from activities along local waterways and keeping and using that stormwater that previously we were trying to get rid of as quickly as possible. The keyword everyone is using is ‘liveability’, looking at how water makes our cities more ‘liveable’. Liveable seems to mean more pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable, more sustainable and healthier.

Water Wise Android Apps

There seems to be an app for everything these days which led me to write my last post Water Wise iPhone Apps. Whether we want to do more ourselves or even show our friends how easy it can be, there are countless apps to save money while living a more eco-friendly life. With more and more smartphones on the market I decided

Sustainable Sports

Melbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne attracts millions of people every year to sport and cultural events. Two venues in particular are notable for their sheer enormity and grandeur, the

Have your say about water

If you go back a few years there were conversations about water everywhere, in the media, in class rooms, even on a Saturday morning at the local footy club. It’s something we all have an opinion on because we care about water, it is vital to our very existence. Although in Australia’s South East

Speed dating for green thumbs!

Do You Plant Here Often? Flyer“So do you err… plant here often?” I never thought that would help anyone land a date… until now. Get ready because the newest wave in dating and sustainability is about to hit Australia. If you’re single and ready to mingle (with other sustainable souls) then you’ll love Speed PLANTING, hosted by Landcare. Coming this National Tree Day 14 May.