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Water Sources: Greywater

greywaterAs National Water Week draws to a close, we have one last water source to cover off – greywater! What is greywater? Greywater (or grey water) is typically water from baths, showers, hand basins, and washing machines. It does not include water from the toilet. Water from kitchen sinks and dishwashers

National Water Week 2014

water droplets with green backgroundThis week is National Water Week 2014! National Water Week is an annual celebration of water in Australia which occurs in the third week of October. National Water Week was first held in 1993. The initiative is designed to help members of the community of all ages and walks of life to understand and take action

Water Sources: Recycled Water

recycled water trigger nozzle and hoseContinuing our series on water sources, we are looking at recycled water but before we can do that, we first need to know about wastewater. Wastewater is water that has been used by businesses and households and is then treated at a wastewater treatment facility. Perhaps because it has been inappropriately named or

Water Sources: Groundwater

cracked earthWith National Water Week starting on Sunday, here is the next post in our series on ‘Water Sources – there are more than you think’. What is groundwater? Groundwater is underground water. Groundwater and surface water are connected as surface water seeps deep into the ground and forms huge underground reservoirs

Water Sources: Storm Water

storm drainNow that we have taken a look at rainwater in our water sources series, it’s a good time for us to turn to storm water. What is storm water? Storm water and rainwater are terms that are often used interchangeably, however, when talking about water sources rainwater usually refers to water that falls on roofs

Water sources: Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater tank in gardenAs we continue looking at water sources, this week we turn to a water source that many Australians are using, and it can be as close as your own backyard; rainwater! What is rainwater harvesting? Rainwater harvesting uses water flowing from the roofs of buildings and stores it for later use.

Water sources: Surface water

dam wallAs we continue our series on water sources in the lead up to National Water Week, we’re looking at one of the broader terms this week: surface water. What is it? Including rivers, lakes, oceans and wetlands, surface water is loosely defined as any body of water on the surface of the earth. As we’ve already covered

Water sources: Desalination

Gold Coast Desalination PlantWith National Water Week fast approaching, we thought it apt to launch a series of posts that focus on this year’s thene, “Water sources – there are more than you think.” To kick off the series, let’s take a look at desalination. What is it? Desalination plants turn saltwater into freshwater.

Water Sources – there are more than you think!

Manton Dam WallWhere does our water come from? This is a really interesting question, and the answer is changing all the time. That is why National Water Week in 2014 is all about different water sources. Since ancient times we have taken water from rivers and lakes and from wells below the ground. The ancient Romans created one of

National Water Week 2013: Liveable Communities

National Water WeekNational Water Week is coming up soon from 20-26 October – the theme for 2013 is Liveable communities and the contribution that water makes to them. What does this mean and what can each of us do? Our communities need good services, and spaces that make us feel good. Water is a common factor in many of