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Rainwater Harvesting Australia – a chartered committee of Irrigation Australia

Greetings to our rainwater harvesting members and friends of rainwater harvesting. The Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia (RHAA) has joined with Irrigation Australia to form a chartered committee of Irrigation Australia called Rainwater Harvesting Australia.

Rainwater Harvesting Design Specification

This is a joint project between Urban Water Cycle Solutions and the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia to promote effective rainwater harvesting in the community. The design specification is for an above ground rainwater tank providing indoor and outdoor rainwater to a residential home.

Rainwater Health Debate

Steel Roofby Michael Smit and Prof PJ Coombes An important debate in this country is about the health of people using rainwater, however much of the commentary is funded by water monopolies who have a centralised water distribution perspective quite different to how rainwater harvesting works.  One of the recent rebuttal papers by PJ Coombes has just been published and we thought we should discuss some of the issues, as much to demonstrate there is a difference of opinion.

A Rolls Royce Vegetable Bed

Photo of steel garden bed with overhanging vegetablesI am sure many of you will have seen the Wicking Garden Beds promoted on Gardening Australia from time to time. These are Rolls Royce garden beds. Its not all plain sailing though, at the end of the post is a controversial update!

Welcome from the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia

young lady hugging corrugated iron water tankThe Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia (RHAA) is delighted to continue the Ripple Effect blog and continue a conservation about sustainable practices and sustainable water use in this dry country.

Water sources: Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater tank in gardenAs we continue looking at water sources, this week we turn to a water source that many Australians are using, and it can be as close as your own backyard; rainwater! What is rainwater harvesting? Rainwater harvesting uses water flowing from the roofs of buildings and stores it for later use.

Steel rainwater tanks

rainwater tankAs we head into the cooler months in the Southern states, we are getting more rainfall, so it is an ideal time to look at getting a rainwater tank. This will mean it has time to fill up for garden use in the drier months, or allow you to plumb the tank into the toilet or washing machine for year round use. With a range of tank materials out there,

Rainwater Tanks – a few things to consider

Rainwater TankAs many reservoirs around Australia continue to fill, and with many government water rebate programs drawing to a close (except in Victoria) fewer rainwater tanks are being installed. But should it actually be the other way around? It is better to install a tank when water is still plentiful, rather than waiting for the weather to dry out.

Weekend Eco Warrior: Mosquito-proofing Your Tank

Rain Harvesting SystemWhat is a mosquito’s favourite sport? Skin-Diving! But seriously, mosquitoes in your rainwater tank is no joke. Even modern, well maintained rainwater tanks can get those little biters in there. If you believe that there is something in the water, here are some helpful tips to mosquito proof your rainwater tank this weekend: