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Have your say about water

If you go back a few years there were conversations about water everywhere, in the media, in class rooms, even on a Saturday morning at the local footy club. It’s something we all have an opinion on because we care about water, it is vital to our very existence. Although in Australia’s South East

Summer Gardening

Child in raingardenSummer takes us outside into the elements, hot sunshine, the first swim and the busiest time for the garden. The vegetable garden has mostly realised the potential of Spring, fruit trees are weighed down, the lawn needs mowing and water has become precious again.

Using the rain to keep a raingarden

A raingarden built by the side of the road.With all of this rain falling from the sky, wouldn’t it be a great idea to harness what nature is providing us for the garden rather than relying on drinking water?

Rainwater Tanks – a few things to consider

Rainwater TankAs many reservoirs around Australia continue to fill, and with many government water rebate programs drawing to a close (except in Victoria) fewer rainwater tanks are being installed. But should it actually be the other way around? It is better to install a tank when water is still plentiful, rather than waiting for the weather to dry out.

See more garden with less water

Donna Niebling is a mum and a keen gardener from Seymour, which is situated about one and a half hours drive north of Melbourne. Not a drop of mains water For the past eight years, Donna has worked to create a garden that is both serene and filled with colour and it doesn’t use a drop of mains water.

Weekend Eco Warrior: Mosquito-proofing Your Tank

Rain Harvesting SystemWhat is a mosquito’s favourite sport? Skin-Diving! But seriously, mosquitoes in your rainwater tank is no joke. Even modern, well maintained rainwater tanks can get those little biters in there. If you believe that there is something in the water, here are some helpful tips to mosquito proof your rainwater tank this weekend:

Short on space? This sleek solution satisfies your water saving needs

BlueScope’s WATERPOINT SLIMLINE® range of rainwater tanks brings an attractive and sleek solution to your water storage needs. The thin oval-shape design makes the range a space-efficient water storage system, and is available in a range of COLORBOND® steel colours, so they’ll look great even in a tiny backyard.