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Weekend Eco Warrior – Green Up Your Trip to the Snow

With snow capping many peaks around Australia right now, we ask the question… are you heading to the snow this weekend? As global warming continues to take effect, less and less snow is available. Why not help make sure the snow is there to enjoy for years to come by reducing your own carbon footprint on your wonderful winter wonderland weekend away? These simple tips will help you become a ‘green’ snow bunny.

Make something for Mum

mother daughterWhen buying a gift for mum, it’s easy to fall into the trap of scooting through a gift shop when you have time and picking something up in a hurry.  But I think what mums really cherish are the gifts we make ourselves (even though they may not be perfect).  So let’s look at some sustainable home made gift ideas for this Mothers’ Day. To start off with… We might as well start with the beginning of the day: brekky in bed.  Whether it’s French Toast or bacon and eggs you are making, use free range eggs, or even better, eggs from chickens in your own backyard.  Make sure the bacon is organic or free range too!  After breakfast you can recycle any scraps in the compost. Crafty gifts… Next up is the humble home craft Mothers’ Day card (and this one is for the big kids too!).  I can almost guarantee you will have stacks of recyclable materials to get you started here, like some old magazines.  Take to the scissors and PVA glue like you’re back in grade prep again (you even get to peel the PVA off your fingers when you’re done.) While you are at it, you can …