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Water and Energy in Adelaide

The Association is looking forward to our next breakfast event in Adelaide on 26 October 2017. The Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation, Hon Ian Hunter MLC will once again join us, attendees of the last event will recall he is an enthusiastic rainwater harvesting user.

World Water Day 2014: Water and Energy

Man holding a hose and woman holding a bucket with wind turbine in the backgroundNow in it’s 20th year, World Water Day is focussing on Energy and Water in 2014. Simply providing water requires significant amounts of energy, while energy production often requires large amounts of water, and that’s only the beginning of the relationship. The World Bank has put together the following infographic on the links

Weekend Eco Warrior – Green Up Your Trip to the Snow

With snow capping many peaks around Australia right now, we ask the question… are you heading to the snow this weekend? As global warming continues to take effect, less and less snow is available. Why not help make sure the snow is there to enjoy for years to come by reducing your own carbon footprint on your wonderful winter wonderland weekend away? These simple tips will help you become a ‘green’ snow bunny.