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How to Water your Garden

Garden WateringA sustainable approach to water includes not only where your water comes from but how you use it. Some simple advice will help you use your valuable water to make a great garden. Before you even consider watering, push aside the mulch, stick your finger into the soil – if it is moist below the surface you don’t need to water. This is a repost of one of our most popular posts with over 5,000 reads.

High Tech Garden Watering – Dripline micro-irrigation

drip irrigationThe last decade has seen innovative irrigation technological development. Initially developed and tested in a commercial irrigation environment this technology is now being applied to residential gardens. A recent Australian publication ‘Water Use Efficiency for Irrigated Turf and Landscape’ (Connellan 2013) is an important resource

Where the Buffalo roam

Recently we wrote about Warm Season Grasses, using 30% less water than traditional Cool Season grasses. Using a more efficient photosynthesis process these grasses are green in temperate summers and require much less water to survive the drier months. One of the popular varieties is Buffalo Grass. There is wealth

Water iPhone apps we could all use

There seems to be an app for everything these days – water and environmental sustainability are no exceptions. Whether we want to do more ourselves or even show our friends how easy it can be, there countless apps to save money while living a more eco-friendly life. In no particular order, here some of the most interesting and

Housekeeping for the garden

Private Garden at SunsetThe weather is definitely warming up now and if you find you have more energy there are some very useful things to do, some of them are fun too. Get ready for entertaining! Check to see if the outdoor furniture needs fresh paint Clean the BBQ, check the hose fittings, check the gas bottle How about shade? Dust off the market umbrella

Gardening in the Desert

Sturt's Desert PeaIt’s 40 degrees in Alice Springs with bright blue skies. It is raining in parts of  northern Australia  but Alice doesn’t get rain every year and with high temperatures and low humidity anything damp is oven baked pretty fast. Clothes dry on the line in the time it takes to have a meal. How do you garden in the desert? I was wondering how plants survive at all but there are

Spring Your Garden to Life

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get down and dirty in the garden. There is no better time than the start of Spring to give your garden a much needed make over. Just as you want to get your beach bod and a fresh hair cut for the summer months – your garden needs some love as well. Here are some great tips and a detailed video of how to not only revamp your garden but ensure it is water efficient for the future as well.   The makeover starts now!

Top Ten Tuesday: Water conservation videos

Choose warm season grasses video screen shotEveryone loves lists, right? Well… introducing a new weekly feature on the ripple effect, Top Ten Tuesday. For this week’s inspiration, we were watching our own water-saving videos around Smart Gardening (have you seen ’em?) and we thought, “What are the best water conservation videos out?” So this week’s topic is: Top ten water conservation videos