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The Greater Melbourne Alternative Water Plan

The RHAA is pleased to present this blog authored by Urban Water Cycle Solutions and Thirsty Country. Building design can fundamentally change how Melbourne households use water and how urban water is provided.

Rainwater Harvesting Design Specification

This is a joint project between Urban Water Cycle Solutions and the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia to promote effective rainwater harvesting in the community. The design specification is for an above ground rainwater tank providing indoor and outdoor rainwater to a residential home.

Rainwater Harvesting and 21st Century Business

development illustrationThe largest master planned community housing project in Australia is starting to roll out in South East Queensland and every building has rainwater harvesting. The sell out crowd hung onto every word as Mark Stephens from the Stockland Aura development talked about the Stockland philosophy and the key role of integrated water management in this sensitive landscape.

The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed

Drawing of new housingYes, it was a big call but at the breakfast on 20 April in Sydney  Josh, Caroline and Scott delivered a very impressive vision of the future of Australian House Design. Thanks team, the world owes you a fine wine. Josh Byrne laid out the blueprint, literally, for Josh’s house. In summary

Sustainable Buildings Breakfast Event in Melbourne

A residential building with two corrugated iron water tanksThe RHAA is running a series of breakfasts in capital cities to build support for a Sustainable Buildings campaign with the rainwater tank industry and wider stakeholders. The next one is at Zinc at Federation Square, Melbourne on 28 August.

The new Sushi – Japanese Rainwater Harvesting policy

Like many of you, I have cheerfully embraced sushi, sashimi, Asahi, zen landscapes and minimalist interior design from the land of the rising sun. So when a colleague recently sent me an article on the 2014 Rainwater Act to Advance the Utilization of Rainwater in Japan, aiming for a 100% installation rate of rainwater harvesting in all new government buildings in Japan, I looked at it with interest.

Matt Damon’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a Twist

Matt Damon wearing a toilet seatThe ALS Ice bucket challenge has taken the world by storm with celebrities and even the Simpsons have taken part to raise money for charity. While all are entertaining, not all are the same. Find out why Matt Damon uses water from the toilet?

Sustainable Sports

Melbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne attracts millions of people every year to sport and cultural events. Two venues in particular are notable for their sheer enormity and grandeur, the

What is plastic doing to us and our oceans?

Take 3 for the SeaAs the seasons change, we will all be spending a little bit more time and taking advantage of the incredible beaches Australia has to offer. Our latest refillit expert, Tim Silverwood from Take 3 took time out to talk to us about how plastic waste at the beach is far more than just an eyesore, but is in fact killing our marine life and working

Reading between the pixels

Anyone over 20 years old visiting a school library these days will ask, “Where did all the books go?” The technology and online revolution has without a doubt, changed the way we read and learn. New devices come out every year like the kindle, kobo and iPad.