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Water sources: Surface water

dam wallAs we continue our series on water sources in the lead up to National Water Week, we’re looking at one of the broader terms this week: surface water. What is it? Including rivers, lakes, oceans and wetlands, surface water is loosely defined as any body of water on the surface of the earth. As we’ve already covered

Water sources: Desalination

Gold Coast Desalination PlantWith National Water Week fast approaching, we thought it apt to launch a series of posts that focus on this year’s thene, “Water sources – there are more than you think.” To kick off the series, let’s take a look at desalination. What is it? Desalination plants turn saltwater into freshwater.

Water Sources – there are more than you think!

Manton Dam WallWhere does our water come from? This is a really interesting question, and the answer is changing all the time. That is why National Water Week in 2014 is all about different water sources. Since ancient times we have taken water from rivers and lakes and from wells below the ground. The ancient Romans created one of