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Rainwater Harvesting Myths

Rainfall during the millenium drought in BrisbaneThere are a series of myths about rainwater harvesting that do the rounds and get recycled every couple of years. We thought it might save time if we listed them here and provided  a response.

El Nino 2015, getting hot

map of warm water in eastern pacificOn 2nd October  Tasmania and Victoria were experiencing bushfires in Spring. On the 7th of October the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) started issuing multiple media alerts. The Indian Ocean had cooled down creating dryer conditions, September was the third driest on record and October is likely to be one of the warmest on record. On 8th October the BOM issued special climate statement 52 for unusual early season heat for southern Australia. Inland Queensland and Western Victoria have been dry for three years. While the big dry has generally stayed away from Coastal cities Townsville water storages have reached 30%, triggering Stage 2 water restrictions.

What’s your water retailer been up to?

South East Water introduced the Fire Service ProgramOften we only think of our water retailer when we receive our water bill, but there are some amazing initiatives that these organisations are implementing to reduce their own and your water use.  South East Water is an example of one utility that has gone above and beyond to reduce its community’s water use and was recognised for its achievements by winning the 2010 savewater! awards® Water Utilities category.