Water iPhone apps we could all use

There seems to be an app for everything these days – water and environmental sustainability are no exceptions. Whether we want to do more ourselves or even show our friends how easy it can be, there countless apps to save money while living a more eco-friendly life. In no particular order, here some of the most interesting and

There’s now a lot more clarity around refillit

man with refillitYou’ve probably heard about the refillit movement by now – that it is a movement that aims to help you: reduce your impact on the environment refresh your mind and body; and provide relief for our world’s poorest communities …but there’s even more clarity around refillit with the release of our new look website

Liquid lessons in learning

Studying at schoolWith students from across the country heading back to school this week (or some students heading to school for the very first time) there is certainly a mixture of tears and excitement in the air. So how can you help your kids head back to school and make the most of this year as they settle into their new classes?

Introducing refillit

refillit pillarsAt savewater!® we have been busily working away on a refillable water bottle campaign and we are excited to share it with you! There are three pillars behind refillit. They are three ideas that reflect how using a refillable water bottle creates a better you and a better world.

Tuna: who CAN you trust?

Canned tuna. It’s convenient, relatively healthy and oh so diverse – from wraps and sandwiches to mornay and pasta bakes. Tuna is also relatively cheap when you consider the journey that little fishy takes to get from the deep blue sea to your plate, not to mention the energy and resources required to make the packaging.

Shedding light on the environmental benefits of LEDs

At Rio+20 held in June, The Clean Revolution launched a campaign to tackle energy consumption and emissions caused by lighting.  Globally, lighting accounts for approximately 20% of electricity consumption which leaves a lot of room for improvement. LED (light-emitting diode) lighting can have a huge impact on reducing energy bills over time, but at the moment the upfront cost deters most. Take a look at this neat infographic for an insight into how The Clean Revolution hopes to change the world’s lighting:

POOP! The four letter word no one is talking about…

The western “flush” toilet was invented in 1775 and over 200 years later, the world has made astounding technological advances. Yet the toilet remains unchanged. With it taking LITRES of water per flush, the world’s water supply simply can’t support our toilets. Something needs to be done. Find out about the new toilets being developed for the future

How can you make your Christmas gifts green?

savewater logo with green hatWith the big man in a red suit and his entourage of reindeer only 3 days away, myself and most likely the other 22 million people in Australia are rushing around looking for the perfect gift. In the lead up to Christmas with the chaos of the shopping centres, remembering family, friends and work KKs, we often forget that we are able to avoid the materialism of Christmas and purchase sustainable gifts that help the environment and those who are less fortunate. So, if you are like me and would rather give something ‘green’, here are some fantastic ideas for the environmentally conscious gift:

Feature Product of the Month: Davey Microlene Purifier

Australia has got some pretty great tap water. Our municipal water suppliers provide high quality, safe drinking water at an excellent price right to our door. What if we told you that you could make that water even better?

Top Ten Tuesday: Super Sweet and Cheap Ways to Make your Life a Little Greener

Super Sweet and Cheap Ways to Make your Life a Little GreenerGoing green can often be a daunting task. Some ask –  Is it all in the ‘too hard’ basket? Never fear, we have a top 10 list of easy and cheap ways to make your life a little greener.