Have your say about water

If you go back a few years there were conversations about water everywhere, in the media, in class rooms, even on a Saturday morning at the local footy club. It’s something we all have an opinion on because we care about water, it is vital to our very existence. Although in Australia’s South East

Photographic Flashback

photo competitionWe’ve all heard about how a picture is worth a thousand words, and with the savewater!® photographic competition now in its sixth year, there’s a lot to be said! With this week marking the open of the call for entries for the International 2013 savewater!® Photographic Competition, we thought it would be a good chance

There’s now a lot more clarity around refillit

man with refillitYou’ve probably heard about the refillit movement by now – that it is a movement that aims to help you: reduce your impact on the environment refresh your mind and body; and provide relief for our world’s poorest communities …but there’s even more clarity around refillit with the release of our new look website

Reading between the pixels

Anyone over 20 years old visiting a school library these days will ask, “Where did all the books go?” The technology and online revolution has without a doubt, changed the way we read and learn. New devices come out every year like the kindle, kobo and iPad.

Earth Day 2013

Gaia ShineHappy Earth Day 2013! This year Earth Day‘s official theme is Climate Change, The Earth Day Network is aiming to bring awareness to the very real effects climate change is having on people around the world through a visually powerful campaign called The faces of Climate Change. The campaign encourages

Where does your plastic go?

Turtle from Take 3We all know that we should be using fewer plastic bags – you only have to see them overflowing from your kitchen drawer to know that. Pauline Whitehead, Chairperson of Naragebup, an environment centre in Rockingham, Western Australia knows that it is not just our kitchen drawer is affected by these temporary

Movies, popcorn…environment? pt. 2

FilmI’d like to start by thanking you for returning for part 2 of ‘movies, popcorn…environment?’ As I’ve discovered from people’s various responses to part 1, writing about and ranking movies is a lonely life. No matter what you put into your top 5 films, someone will always disagree, become vocal about it and quickly develop a

Movies, popcorn…environment?

couple in a cinemaPopcorn? Check. Movie? Check. Environmental message? Check! Having just watched Dr Seuss’ latest book to film adaptation ‘The Lorax’, a family friendly animated film that heavily preaches the importance of protecting the environment before it’s too late, inspiration for a blog post came crashing down on me like the

Looking back at 2012

2012 in reviewAs we count down the final days and hours on this year, we thought it timely to take a stroll down memory lane and reflect on some of the things we’ve seen in the last 12 months. Here are our top 5 highlights…

Melbourne moves to Permanent Water Use Rules

Garden WateringMelbourne and many parts of Victoria have now moved to Permanent Water Use Rules across the State. It is hard to get good talent these days but we do have a simple video that makes the rules easy to understand, and a nice shot of a fountain.