Who we are

What is the ripple effect?

The ripple effect  was established in April 2011 for those interested in sustainable water use, gardening, and eco-friendly products and services – particularly related to water and rainwater harvesting.

The name reflects the concept that by making one small change, you can have in impact on those around you. If you can reduce your waste now others will benefit tomorrow. If you choose sustainable products, the benefits will greatly affect those around you now and in the future. And if you can encourage others to do the same, the ripple effect is amazing.

The Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia purchased the Ripple Effect from the savewater Alliance in April 2015 in order to continue to support sustainable water practices and access to the valuable content of the blog to the Australian public.

Who is the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia?

The Rainwater Harvesting Association is the national representative body of the Australian rainwater harvesting industry.

The Association works to

  • support sustainable water use in Australia;
  • provide advice and  support for the 5.1 million Australians who own a rainwater tank (ABS, 2013);
  • promote rainwater harvesting as an integral part of sustainable water management; and
  • maintain standards and guidelines for rainwater harvesting in Australia

These actions grow and develop the $500 million Australian rainwater harvesting industry on behalf of our members.

  • Mark Gaykema

    Hi Ripple Effect,
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    Hi Ripple Effect,

    I couldn’t locate your contact details on your site, we would love talk to you about working together in some capacity. Save Energy Save Money is Australia’s only energy and price comparison website. Helping consumers make informed purchases. Our aim is to help customers reduce their energy consumption whilst contributing to a greener Australia. Our customers are not only energy conscious but are also focused on minimising their water consumption to reduce their environmental impact.

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